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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Friday night brought me to Wildair with one of my favorite people in the world: Mister Editor. Wildair is a lot of fun. Mr. Editor and I drink similarly and so this was bound to be a great evening. The highlight of Wildair is the wine and trusting Jorge to bring out great wines. We had three wines (a bottle and then two glasses) that were all really interesting, very different from each other and wholly unique from anything I can recall (and we drink well thanks to Greg at Vanderbilt Wine Merchants).

We ate:

  1. Bread (with olive oil) - bread was fine but the olive oil was pretty ethereal.
  2. Half dozen oysters - fine
  3. Half dozen clams with XO sauce and some sort of chive - intensely great: salinity, spice, sour.
  4. Persimmon, stracciatella, and greens - excellent combination for a salad
  5. Boneless skate wing with arugula - not very interesting, yet flawless execution
  6. Beef tartare - excellent, perfectly chopped and seasoned.
Anyone interested in great wine would enjoy coming to Wildair.

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