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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dover - a whole new world of chicken

Genuinely, I can't remember the last time we ordered chicken in any form besides eggs. The chicken entrée is usually the safest, most bland option. And I make spectacular roast chicken twenty-five times each year. Why do I need to order chicken?

Everything is changed because of Dover. Dover has a (nice) senior center cafeteria décor to go along with our favorite (thus far) meal of 2014. Located on a visible corner of Court Street, the staff is friendly, attentive and accessible. Now, nearly a month later, I still think everything we ate was outstanding. But the whole chicken for two stole the show. Dover serves it in two preparations and without stealing the excitement, I'll just say, if you go, order it.

Two things to consider:
  1. Dover is pretty French. You receive lovely gougere at the onset. There's amuse bouche. The bread is served piece-by-piece by backstaff using two spoons elegantly.
  2. This is an expensive outing (see attached)
Anyhow, I'm not going to provide a blow-by-blow. At a $100pp (tax and drink inclusive), it's not a bad value for the quality and originality.
Dinner for 4