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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beer - always a local treat

Last Saturday, I met two friends for late-night pints.  In every part of the country, people can drink locally.  I bet there isn't a person living in the lower 48 that lives more than 250 miles from a craft brewer.

At my local pub, I had myriad local choices and selected these three pints.
Chelsea Pier 59 Pale Ale - this was on cask and pure heaven.  This would be my session beer, if I drank out of the home regularly and could find this regularly.  This had all the mouthfeel I look for in a beer and then the perfect balance of hoppy bitterness, malty goodness, & refreshing crispness.  the -ness TRIFECTA.
Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold - majestic and massive.
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye - ok, not local, but reminiscent of the massive victory in Fort Worth, Texas.