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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hibino - The best in a long time...

Earlier this month, we made it to Henry Public and Hibino for a cocktail plus dinner. The evening was tremendous.

At Henry Public we ordered two drinks that were both delicious and interesting. I ordered the Kings County Sour. It's shaken with an egg white and so has a viscous, lovely texture. I thought the whiskey was there and added flavor but didn't take over the drink. S.O.S ordered the Oddfellow. That drink combines rum, lime, grapefruit and some homemade syrups to make something that is full of citrus and an appropriate amount of sweetness.

Next door at Hibino (technically two doors away), we enjoyed our favorite restaurant meal in a very long time. We had the fresh made tofu, which comes in a little pitcher along side a mushroom dashi and grated ginger/scallion. Really worth the trip alone and so good that we ordered a second instead of dessert. We ordered two appetizer specials: a perfectly diced bowl of vegetables in broth (picture) and simmered pork belly. Both were fantastic. S.O.S had to console me after I looked through the diced vegetables and remarked on how my bad my knife skills have become and how I could never dice like this anymore and well, I'm a total failure in life! The excellent Albarino along with her consolation worked.

We ordered a broiled salmon (wanting something warm) and a massive sashimi platter. Both were satisfying, not revolutionary. The salmon was a perfect intersection of rich, charred, and fishy (in a great way).

Overall a highly worthwhile experience. Hibino has great service and fosters a very lovely atmosphere.