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Friday, January 16, 2009

found a local session beer

I've been on the hunt for a good, no scratch that, a fantastic session beer for a long time.  My search is for something made within 200 miles.  And while the Brooklyn Brewery standard beers are fine, I've never really taken to them (aside from blanche de Brooklyn).  And Blue Point is pretty so-so.  

My rules for a session beer:
  1. easily procured
  2. under $1.50 per beer at the grocery store
  3. under 6%
  4. under 40 IBUs
  5. Made within 200 miles of NYC
Well enter SLY FOX DUNKEL LAGER! It's definitely got 2-5!  I had my first one tonight and it has a similar profile to many of the great Bavarian beers, but a little fresher.  And it comes in an aluminum can. After drinking this beer, I lifted the can and forgot just how much LIGHTER cans are than bottles.  That's gotta factor into the carbon contest.

Winter Eggs

winter eggs really taste so blah!  anyone else finding this?  once eating eggs from the farmer's market, going back to factory eggs is mighty hard.

Spring?  Paging spring?  You out there?