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Saturday, March 22, 2008

mixing it up by getting simple

Conventional wisdom has it that adding to your cooking repertoire requires complex technique, esoteric spices, & unique heat transfer (sous vide anyone).

That's one way, but probably a much harder way.  A friend gave us a cookbook around the holidays - "The Art of Simple Food."  I love Chez Panisse Vegetables and actually I love Chez Panisse.  I don't consider it to be the 'best' restaurant in America, but it's my favorite one.  

Anyhow, my repertoire is growing a little stale.  How many ratatouille, poulet a roti, & bolognese can one family eat?

So, as Spring begins, I'm going to make a meat, vegetable, sauce & dessert from this book each weekend.  Let's see how it goes.

something coming up...

don't look now, but the tulips are pushing out of the soil.

not too long before ramps and asparagus.