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Thursday, October 22, 2009

5 BEST New York City - Lattes

For a few reasons, I've been traversing Brooklyn & Manhattan over the last three weeks. In that time, there have been many lattes.

2 quick rules:
the cleaner the barista's workspace, the better the coffee.
gentrified Brooklyn serves much better coffee than Manhattan

  1. Cafe Grumpy - no surprise here - all three locations are special (uses Ronnybrook Milk)
  2. Ninth Street Espresso (Chelsea, not East Village) - The micro-foam in Chelsea is superior, in the EV, it's just average
  3. Cafe Pedlar - with no bitterness or acidity at all
  4. Sit & Wonder - morning guy takes a lot of pride in pulling a great shot and somehow this latte "keeps" well for 10-20 minutes whether other ones do not
  5. Stumptown - in the ACE hotel - delicious (and uses Hudson Valley Milk)
Honorable Mention
- Kaffe 1668 - precise and accurate every time
- Gorilla

Just not very good
- Pret a Manger - all of them
- Bouchon Bakery
- Ost

Numbers 2-5 all use Stumptown coffee