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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The final daiquiri is made with these ingredients:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ice Cream #3

Continuing with recipes Jeni's, I made the rhubarb frozen yogurt. This process requires draining an entire yogurt quart overnight (in the fridge) to remove the water (It is a tremendous amount of water that drains from low-fat yogurt.).

The recipe basically has you make a frozen yogurt base and a rhubarb compote. And you combine the two together before churning. The rhubarb wasn't great as a compote. We won't be making this again.

Ice Cream #2

Last year, we met Jeni Britton Bauer at The Brooklyn Kitchen. Besides tasting her ice cream again (I've been to Columbus a few times and had it there), she spent a lot of time chatting with the kids. Anyhow, I have a fondness for her from that experience.

So ice cream #2 is her roasted strawberry with buttermilk ice cream. It's my first time making this recipe so I followed it very closely. Next time, I'll roast more strawberries. The flavor isn't intense enough for me. As with all her ice creams, they have a delightful taffy quality, but a slightly chalky aftertaste (from the cornstarch).

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ice Cream #1

Last weekend marked the beginning of ice cream season in our home. We make a lot of ice cream during the warmer months: usually one quart per week.

I'll chronicle the ice creams and how they came out.

All ice creams are made with:
  1. Cuisinart standard ice cream maker (11 years old)
  2. Thermapen (5 years old)
  3. Normal, pots, measuring cups, etc.

Ice Cream #1 - MINT CHIP
We've made David Lebowitz's recipe countless times. It's pretty perfect. Two pieces of advice I'd give:
  • Use peppermint, not spearmint
  • Use 60 - 70% cocao chocolate, nothing darker than that.
Otherwise, follow the recipe exactly.