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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2016 Restaurants On My List

Well 2015 was a failure in trying the restaurants I wanted to visit in New York City. I did get to Cosme (which was uneventful and forced) as well as Benoit (which was delightful, satisfying and top-shelf) before the review. In 2016, I've been back to Benoit three times in three months.

2016: The Realistic List of 9

  1. Babu ji (site)
  2. Bunker (site)
  3. Delaware & Hudson (site)
  4. Dirt Candy (site)
  5. Luksus (site)
  6. Semilla (site)
  7. Superiority Burger (site)
  8. Take Root (site)
  9. Xi'An Famous Foods (site)
Thus far, 2016 hasn't had anything new and delightful. Regretful: yes (I'm looking at you Minetta Tavern and your uninspired tripe).

2016: Hopeful Duo

I have a soft-spot for older Italian places and haven't been to either of:

  1. Bamonte's (review)
  2. Queen (site)